Libby and Mike in San Francisco

I heard it rained for 10 days straight in San Francisco, but the clouds parted on the 11th day for our engagement shoot in the city. After some champagne we popped around the Ferry Building and then headed to the Penthouse at the Fairmont on top of Nob Hill. Epic location, and a beautiful couple.A74U0050lev A74U0235lev A74U0249lev A74U0346levbw A74U0547lev A74U0563lev A74U0708lev A74U0961lev A74U0999lev A74U1145lev A74U1327bw A74U1373lev A74U1417lev A74U1521lev A74U1567lev A74U1591lev A74U1661lev A74U1863bw A74U2048bw A74U2178lev A74U2288lev A74U2350lev A74U2667lev A74U2972lev A74U3051lev A74U3179bw

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