Venus and Albert in Temecula

Here we have the full post for Venus and Albert’s Wedding, a very special wedding for me. I’ve known Venus since she was born and it was a joy and delight to see her marry such a great guy like Albert. As you can see they are stunningly beautiful and with old town Temecula as a back drop, this was an easy peasy shoot. KAZIBLOG01 KAZIBLOG02 KAZIBLOG03 KAZIBLOG04 KAZIBLOG05 KAZIBLOG06 KAZIBLOG07 KAZIBLOG08 KAZIBLOG09 KAZIBLOG10 KAZIBLOG11 KAZIBLOG12 KAZIBLOG13 KAZIBLOG14 KAZIBLOG15 KAZIBLOG16 KAZIBLOG17 KAZIBLOG18 KAZIBLOG19 KAZIBLOG20 KAZIBLOG21 KAZIBLOG22 KAZIBLOG23 KAZIBLOG24 KAZIBLOG25 KAZIBLOG26 KAZIBLOG27 KAZIBLOG28 KAZIBLOG29 KAZIBLOG30 KAZIBLOG31 KAZIBLOG32 KAZIBLOG33 KAZIBLOG34 KAZIBLOG35 KAZIBLOG36 KAZIBLOG37



  1. Soteria Riester

    Dearest Venus
    You are stunningly gorgeous and you make the pictures look even better. The backdrop is charming and beautiful…. it looked like the sun was shinning on the events of the day too. My favorites(besides all of them) are you sitting on a bench near a barn of sorts and the other one is when you are hugging him from the back and he is s-m-i-l-i-n-g from ear to ear…….. together, you both look >> right<< for each other as you fit into the hugs …………….
    wishing the Best of married life andddddd a happily ever after !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dad & mom

    Wow doesn’t cover it! Beautiful work for a beautiful couple. thanks so much. memories to last a lifetime. perfect. love that cake topper.

  3. Felicia jump

    So glad I was able to view the pictures. love felicia-cousin

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