Naz and Kia in Calabasas

Naz and Kia had their intimate, yet totally fun wedding at Naz’s parents house up in hills of Calabasas. As with all Persian weddings, it was never short on friendly and vibrant people, amazing food and rich culture and tradition.

NAZ001 NAZ002 NAZ003 NAZ004 NAZ005 NAZ006 NAZ007 NAZ010 NAZ011 NAZ012 NAZ013 NAZ016 NAZ017 NAZ018 NAZ019 NAZ020 NAZ022 NAZ023 NAZ024 NAZ025 NAZ026 NAZ028 NAZ029 NAZ031 NAZ032 NAZ033 NAZ034 NAZ038 NAZ039 NAZ040

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  1. Dave

    Phenominal photos!

    Wish you both the very best in your journey together!!!

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