The Handsome Hann Family

Megan, Chris, Lily and Violet. One of my favorite families in the world. Shot in the hills of San Ramon. hann_fam01 hann_fam21 hann_fam20 hann_fam19 hann_fam18 hann_fam17 hann_fam16 hann_fam15 hann_fam14 hann_fam13 hann_fam12 hann_fam11 hann_fam10 hann_fam09 hann_fam08 hann_fam07 hann_fam06 hann_fam05 hann_fam04 hann_fam03 hann_fam02

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  1. Peggy shannon

    Megan and chris! Your girls are breathtaking! So beautiful! You all look faNtastic. Beautiful photos. Love the last one with mousEs floppy ears runNing after lily and Violet made me lauGh! Precious!

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